Tuesday, September 23, 2014

(late summer walk) and photos


One walk, one morning.

"But WHY?" do we have to go?  "Isn't it time" to turn around?!?
The walk is more for me than them, I know as I Make them Do these Terrible Things, all of a mile and half.  (and "Do you have" fifty cents so I can buy another rock from a bubble gum machine to add to my collection of 3,403 rocks that are in glass jars so Mom can pretend there is reason to the chaos?) 
(I didn't have fifty cents, really.)

She'll keep sighing, but we'll keep coming, and that's okay.  It was mostly for me.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

KY, VA, NC, among others (3 - finish)

 ~ there's a neat museum at the Mammoth Cave visitor's center

 ~ cutest 1960's motel bathroom ever (Mammoth Cave Hotel)

~ cooking supper at the motel, white-tail deer watching us

~ we took the "Historic Tour"

 ~ big caverns....

 ~ ...to tiny squeezy passages

~ 114-plus-year-old graffiti

~ pits that Greta, Jeff, and I did not like walking over

(~ what people without phones do to remember hotels 
they looked up on their laptop using visitor center wi-fi)

~ "the Claw!!"

And home.  (or, close, pictured, at least.)

Gret and I (and Jeff, too) loved the caves, but Kaatje was fighting some claustrophobia so we only too one tour.  Since Greta's eczema needed a bath, we got the last hotel room (with queen beds) for one night, and decided to get out of town along the way a bit to spend the next night.

A nice weekend in Des Moines (pick up the dog, eat homemade food!) rounded off our trip, and we rolled back home from another safe holiday away.

We've fallen down the hole of the new school year around here...  although we started our own readings and workings in the weeks before, I knew we'd be hard hit when we had to, for the first time, have multiple "early" morning responsibilities.  (Spoken by the girl who got on the school bus at 7:15 am every day, I realize how good my girls have it.)  One day a week the girls go all day to take classes at a not-close but big co-op, which we're all learning to love.

After a couple weeks here, we're finally feeling a little more in control;  finishing projects and starting new ones, getting back into a rhythm even if it's a quicker one.  The upstairs porch project is nearing an end, hopefully a reveal will be soon!  (The girls say it's the "fanciest room in the house.")